My blogging dream ..

As it may look from title, I am going to write about my high-fi goals about blogging in this post. If that is what you have thought of, I would say it is wrong. I am not going to write about goals and all that things in this post. But this post is rather funnier, at least for me :-).

Everyday we get some dream while we are sleeping. Obviously we also dream about many things during day time also. But I am talking about dream we came across during night. Many time we never realize it. Many times we do realize it that we got the dream but exact details of that dream do not remain in our memory for long time. And for me, in dream also those most frightful faces (which I had seen many times a day, going against my free will of literally running away from them) only appears. If not faces than those complex problems appear which I have been forced to own and solve, as if I do not have any other problems.

Anyways, what all I wanted to convey is that usually in my dream those things come which has happened with me in a day. But yesterday's dream was different. Break-through dream. I had dreamed about you all. Yess. I had dream about all of you blogger buddies getting together at one place. Putting exact details of that dream on blog will not be appropriate. But what can I say is, dream was all about having get-to-gather meeting of we all bloggers. And yes, I do have noted down about all minute details of that dream in my personnel diary :-). (Probably today is the first day when first thing I have done after waking up was other than thinking about hot water availability.)


  1. hahaha.. thats intresting and proves u are a blog addict ;) but a nice idea... why dont u make a plan of a arranging a get togather..shud be fun... :)

  2. Hu hu.. :) :)
    What a great dream ! ! !
    Don't worry someday it will come true.

  3. @Kanan:
    Hmm .. thats very cryptic comment .. Silence means many things .. And I know this ":)" is not silence but still it means many things ..

    Yeah .. Probably you are right I have already become blog addicted .. And I would say this as a healthy addiction, isn't it? And as far as plan of arranging is concerned I can really do that .. But again in dream only :-) .. But for that all fellow bloggers will have to be co-operative .. They will not be allowed to roam anywhere in dream for that night..

    Yeah Shunty, if not during day at least during night I have already made it true .. :-)


Jaydip Mehta (JD)