What do you call it?

- Thinking about some friend and immediately you get a call from him.
- You do not like something somewhere and on next day when you go to that place that very thing is no more there.
- Someone asks a question to a group and out of 10 person some 2 or 3 person gives a same answer simultaneously.

What do you call it?

Ok. I think I was not very clear in communicating whatever I wanted to. So let me give you few examples,
- When passing on the road, you do not like something. Say for example, some hoarding. And very next day when you pass through that road, that very hoarding is been removed.
- 10 friends are standing in a group. One person asks, "So where will we take dinner?". 3 person instantly and in the same manner answers, "XYZ Dhaba".
- You want to wear red shirt but because of something, at last moment you change your mind and wear blue shirt. And when you reach to office/college you realize that almost everyone has wore blue shirts because it is "blue day" in office/college today.

What do you call it?

Whatever I have described above is all about experience. I am sure there will be people out there who have never experienced this and so they will provide enough evidences to prove me wrong. Accepted. I am wrong for them. But let me ask to those who have experienced it. What do you call it?

Recently only I have experienced this phenomenon. Before going to watch "Rock on!!", I had listened to its "Pichle saat dino mein" song. I liked it very much. And so I thought, "SEL has made this song truly rocking. But they should also make an acoustic version of it. The way there is two version of song 'Cuts like a knife', there should also be two versions of this song. One rock version and another acoustic guitar version". This thought just came and went. Than after some days I went to watch "Rock on!!', and as you must have guessed that Accoustic version of song is indeed there in Movie!! I was very happy and joyous to hear that song. I had thought of something and that was really there. It was very nice experiencing it.

So what was your last experience about this?


  1. coincidence.


    gut feeling.

    Can't recall a single experience of mine right now. I'll have to think about it. Nice topic!

  2. hmm.. those blue and black days are quite observant in the offices ;)

  3. few coincidences are so sweet.. they will last for a long time in your mind....

  4. @Su:
    Indeed those coincidences remains for long with you .. Thanks for visiting.


Jaydip Mehta (JD)