Google (chrome) goes beyond an expectations ..

Do you use products which exceeds your expectations? If you uses Google products, I can assume your answer to be 'yes'. For me, all google products seems very intuitive. Say for example, iGoogle. After visiting it, you will have feeling of re-arranging modules by drag and drop. Its very intuitive. So driven by your feeling, you give it a try by drag and drop. Surprise !! Drag and drop works !! 

Ok let me share one experience with you. Today I was feeling bored and so started dragging and dropping Google chrome tabs (I get fun by doing that). May be I do that because the way tabs gets re-arranged is nice and in smother way. In Internet explorer and Mozilla that is not the case. So while playing this drag and drop game, word Mozilla came across my mind. So just like that I opened Mozilla and some sites in 2-3 tabs. After opening Mozilla tab a thought came in my mind "Why not give a try draggin Mozilla tab and dropping it on chrome browser?" And guess what. It worked !! Yes, you can drag Mozilla tab and drop it on Google chrome browser !! I said in my mind, "Hats-off Googlers". Really, Google (chrome) goes beyond an expectations ...


  1. Wow.. Thats gr8..
    Be yar google chrome Unix mate kyare aave che?
    Puch ne google wala ne..
    I want it desperately..
    I want to use it in my office :(

  2. Done.
    Visit this this link. Now its on you to vote. Maximum voted question will be answered by Google Engineer Erick Tseng (Lead product manager, Google) :-) ..

  3. Just to give you a proof that Google Engineers do answer mostly voted question, visit this link. 2 of my questions are answered by 2 different Google Engineers ! One by Colby Ranger (Lead google moderator developer) & other one by Katie JS (I don't know her title) !!

  4. Nice blog.. I was not aware of this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey Jaydip, beware of getting Googlephobia :)

  6. this is an interesting find jaydeep.

  7. hey..nice info ..
    sounds interesting :)

  8. Now I am making use of Gmail voice and Video chat it is too Good even though it takes Approximately 40MB of RAM space it is worth using it.
    I appreciate to add more and more features of Gmail as Jaidip listed that would be great


Jaydip Mehta (JD)