Its all mind game. Mind never tries to keep us happy in present moment. It always keep on saying that I will be happy when I go THERE, I will be happy at LATER point of time not now, I can be happy only at THAT place. And thus we keep on waiting for THAT thing to be with us, to be at place located THERE, for moment which is going to come LATER. Day and night we keep on denying present. Even if time, place and moment for which you are waiting since life time comes, mind says "No no. This is not what I want. Do not be happy now. Here it is very dirty".  Have you ever experienced one thing, when you do your best or say when you are completely involved in some work you will be utterly happy. Even if situation does not go the way you want it to go, you will be happy. Why? Because all miseries lies in not being with present. In present everything all miseries goes away. Misery is in future and past only. Present is always good. Happy.  Full of joy. And so my current personnel goal is to be in present. Be in present. Be NOW. Be HERE. Be at THIS place.


  1. interesting post.."Because all miseries lies in not being with present." well said...but its at times difficult to keep pace with the present cos we are emotional beings.. and wud try to live in past and future often...

  2. The ultimate truth! that made a nice read.

  3. Yup. Its a bitter truth. :)
    Living in present brings a happiness,smile and joy around you.
    But as u hv specified in the beginning of a post, We are so stupid that our mind never appreciates the present and tries to run in the past or future,which results in the unfulfilled involvement in the present moment...

    It might be possible that sometime later u recognize the value of that present moment which u have lost and then u start repenting, but what is the meaning now? coz you have already lost that moment,that moment is past for you now and you are wandering in past again.. I mean you are doing the same mistake again.. :P

    uff...too complicated this life is!!!.. :P

  4. "What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind." ~ Buddha

    Nice post buddy.

  5. Hey Jaydip,
    I completely agree with you. its all Mind game. we have to live in present state and keep yourself ALWAYS HAPPY.
    -Prvaeen Harnoor

  6. nice one....

    its so true. we keep craving for so many thing that we just dont have it in the moment.. but sometime ignore the very best that we have right now...

  7. @Chinmai:
    Yess .. Its an emotions that keeps us in past or future ..

    Thanks for that.

    Yupp .. too comlicated life is .. Because few times we do get fun and hapiness by recalling moments of past .. where we may not have been involved fully and had made some silly mistakes ..

    Good quote. Actually my this post is inspired by OSHO who believes in Budhhist quote to have mentioned .. Thanks.

    Hey !! My pleasure to see you visit and comment on my blog !!! Thanks for that. Do visit it often.

    Yupp .. You told it .. We keep on missing present best moments on the name of past or future .. Thanks for visiting and commenting ..


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