Above average explained ..

"Neither best, nor like rest. I'm above average"

That is what I have kept as my tagline. Many of my friends and others have quite obviously misinterpreated it because I have never clarified its meaning. Many of my friends have used their right to critisize me (I do give this right to my friends) by some opposite kind of lines. Like,
- If you are not the best, you are like rest.
- Be the best or you will be like rest.
- Era is of 20-20 (cricket match). Strike rate is important not average, above averageji.

Ok. Now let me explain meaning of my tagline.

What I mean by "Neither like best" is that I have yet to achieve many things, yet to know many things, yet to realize many dreams. And what I mean by "Nor like rest" is, I have already achieved many things till now, I already know many things, I have already realized many dreams. I have yet to do many things though I have already done many things. By declaring myself as best, I don't want myself stop progressing, growing. And I am quite sure no matter how much one grows, there will always be people better and worse than that. I'm saying 'Neither best' in a meaning best is still to be achieved. I am saying 'nor like rest' meaning I am already thorough worse. I am saying 'I'm above average' meaning I am already through worse, presently better and best is still to be achieved.


  1. Well the line "For and by above average" itself says everything...

    But I can understand the reason why you need to clarify it elaborately..
    People sometime don't want to understand or to appreciate what you try to say...They just blindly start blurting out whatever comes to their mind.. Really blv me.. And if they don't get anything,then they just start cracking jokes or making fun out of your matters..
    Aaah leave it..

    Nice post btw :)

  2. @Shunty:
    True. Had this in mind for so long to clarify it .. And now I've done it ..

    Lost ? me? no no no .. Was busy with life .. But now I am again found .. Lost+found ..


Jaydip Mehta (JD)