Things of past

I was revising few of things of past. Like,
- Reading my own written blogs.
- Stay with old friends at their room :-)
- Revising my collage slam book filled up by collage mates.
- Looking at old t-shirt signed by collage mates at last semester.
- Re-reading old emails of my corporate mail account/gmail/yahoo....
- Looking at old photo albums.
- Visiting school friend and talking with him about old incidents.

When doing all these, I realized how far I have reached. Who was I yesterday? And who am I today? I came to know about my strengths and weaknesses. I felt proud on myself. I felt that I have really not wasted my time, I have always invested it for my future. If you have never done it, I invite you to do that and let me know how do you feel.

So when last did you went to past and revised whatever you have leant till now?


  1. Hmm... Sounds good..
    It really makes you feel happy to go in your own past and see how the things are now..
    Hmmm..In my case, Life is a bit hectic, I need to take a lot of a time out from these days to stroll in the past..

  2. @Shunty:
    Hmm .. but dont forget to do that and lemme me know how did you feel ..

  3. I would only do it if the past made us happy. I am not saying we forget it but sometimes when we do that it makes us feel sad or unhappy, better not do it then.

  4. @Kanan:
    Hmm ... Thing which makes us happy also has ability to make us unhappy .. When one end of stick is lifted other gets picked up automatically .. In short, you are right ..


Jaydip Mehta (JD)