I want ...

- Can you laugh the same way you were used to do when you were in college?
- Are you still getting excited the same way you were used to when you were a kid?
- Have you started feeling few things as childish and foolish?
- Do still have those hopes and dreams alive that was looking easily achievable some time before?

What is preventing us? I am no more laughing the same way I used to laugh. Few things started looking very childish and immature to me now. Why? Probably it requires nurturing and that is what I had stopped doing.

- I again want to be an innocent child who knows nothing but still enjoys everything.
- I want to again be that collegian who has lots and lots of dreams and hopes in his heart and confidence of achieving it.
- I again want that attitude of being ignorant and carelessness and of getting things done without really understanding it.
- I need that energy of enthusiasm back.
- I again want that excitement and feeling of becoming out of control when getting I had got good marks.
- I again want to be out of mood so that someone can come to me and say, "Looks like something has gone wrong today".
- I again want to spend my time talking open heartedly (literally) with my friends sharing anything and everything.
- I want those older days back when I was never exhausted. And there was no difference between day and night.

Really, there is something money can't buy.


  1. Well, i dont see any change in myself. If anything i am laughing more than i was doing in my undergrad days(BE) days.

  2. @Karan:
    May be because DDIT was just not good place for person like you .. He he ..


Jaydip Mehta (JD)