"What are you doing?", I ask.
Replies comes, "TP" completing it in less than a second.
"TP? What is that?", Quite surpised with one more short form of some unusual thing.
"Time pass", reply comes as if this full form is quite obvious and its shame on me that I don't know that. Like, are ye PSPO nahi janta.

Ok coming to-the-point, I am going to write today about time pass we all do when in fron of PC.  So here I go,

- Click right mouse button and keep on refreshing the screen so many times that you can catch windows BUG of screen not getting refreshed after XYZ times of refreshal.

- Click right mouse button at many diferent places on the screen and validate that right clock works on each and every pixel of screen.

- Click left mouse button and drag the mouse till it comes out of monitor window.

- Keep on doing single-double-triple or whatever number of clicks on few line of code so that is at all BUG is present, it can be killed as early as possible.

- Press escape key multple times when in linux, specifically when using vim editor. 

- Scratch your head, as if you are in deep thinking about to launch a missile.

- Highlight things your are reading on screen, most probably an email. Or may be if someone is at your desk for debuggin something, open some design document and start highlighting some line but don't read it. Person who has come to debug will read those lines and explain you what it is.

- Just make mouse cursor move in round and round and round fashion. It gives fun, is not it?

- Press multiple times (5 is minimum) on 'receive' button in Outlook as if 'automatically check for a new mail every one minute' is not working.

- Check who and all is online. And whenever status message comes as available, spread news that so and so person comes in office at so and so time.

- Keep curson on someone's name in gmail's inbuild chat box and look at photo or message or anything at almost regular intervals (interval being greater than interval at which you stand up for water).

- And after I started using Google chrome  as a browser, I found one more thing. Re-order Google Chrome tabs by drag and drop. Did you try it? Its really fun. 

Just drag some tab and put it ahywhere.  


  1. Hmmm..
    The most usual thing I do is clicking the get mail in every minute or so in thunderbird.

    And While coding pressing escape and entering ":w" in Gvim editor..

  2. What I do most of time is put my hand on my hand and pretend like I am in deep think...

  3. well... i do a lot of 'clear' and 'ls' when i am on Linux CLI and ':w' on vi editor. I am so much used to the vi editor that i use ':w' in MS Word as well. But that does help me,
    1. The clear and ls help me keep my hands in synch with the keyboard.
    2. The ':w' helps me save the code in case accidently the laptop shuts down or the connection with the server breaks down.

  4. i have got 2 habbits
    1. i type 'clear' and 'ls' continuously when i am on the Linux CLI
    2. I continuously press ':w' on the VIM editor.
    But it does help me as well
    1. clear and ls help me keep the hands in sync with the keyboard
    2. ':w' helps me save the content in case the laptop shuts down unexpextedly or if the connection with the server is broken.

  5. @Shunty:
    Almost same as mine :-)

    Hmm .. You revealed your trade secret. Hope your leader is not reading blog secretly :-)

    I also do 'ls' quite frequently .. And ya those ':w' getting printed in word is also quite common ... Keep visiting ..


Jaydip Mehta (JD)