My updated bucket list

It took me almost 3 months to find my other 3 bucket list items, after I had found my first bucket list item. So here i m presenting my those updated 3 items :

- Own a grand piano
- Work for "Google"
- Be a "Roadie"

Let me also take these items one by one and elaborate more.

Own a grand piano

It was my collage time when this thought had struck me first time. At that time my wish was kind of imaginary than real. What exactly my wish was this : Have a cool house (Umm.. short of haveli) at sea shore somewhere out side India. Have a grand piano. And after getting married me and my other half will play it together and get lost into it. This quite 'dreamy' kind of wish i have reduced to just 'Own a grand piano'. Because I feel that "should be able to play piano" can not be kept as a condition while choosing life partner :-).

Work for "Google"

This thought had stuck me first time after I had started blogging. I came across many blogs related to Google (this is one of the reason why I do blogging. You got to know about many many things) after I started blogging. One of the blogs link i got was Google Blogoscoped. I came to know many things about Google from there. That was first blog I had subscribed to which posts 'Google related' information. Currently i have subscribed to Google official blog, GMail blog, orkut blog, Google reader blog and list goes on. After reading so many things from various sources and using Google products, I completely fell in love with Google. And thus work for Google became my one of the bucket list item. BTW, Google tops "100 best companies to work for" list made by Fortune 500 magazine for year 2008.

Be a "Roadie"

This thought had stuck to me some one or one and half years ago while watching Roadies 5.0. Well, some of you may be thinking that "What ??? He wants to be a Roadieeeeeee ??". OK let me clarify what I like in Roadie. I like their attitude. I like their style of talking, walking and dressing. They show whatever they are. They do not have any problem speaking whatever they feel. I would like to note down two quotes describing their spirit:

"Do not live as if you re king. Live as if no matter who is a king"
"Win as if you are habituated to it. Loose as if you have lost just for a change"

I like all of the rodies because they are different. And that is why being a Rodie is also on my bucket list item. BTW, some of you may not be aware of what is Roadie. Here is wiki link for that.
So whats there on your bucket list? What? You have even not started preparing it? Uff ....


  1. Hmm.. Nice one.
    So which Bike do you like the most?

  2. @Sanjay bhai,
    First of all thanks a lot for spending time commenting on my blog. Umm .. In fact I did not like ANY bike .. what I like the most in rodies is their participant's attitude .. So I want to be roadie not for bike but to prove myself that "I can" ..

    BTW, when r u going to prepare your bucket list haan?

  3. Wow JD bhai.
    All 3 are superb.

    About Piano,
    Why are you 'shortening' your wish?
    Why do you think your better half cant play piano? You can teach her ;)
    Mangata hai to thoda jyada mangle na yar :)

    About Google,
    Yeah of course you would go for it as I have not seen any google-crazy like you.. Good luck for it :)

    About Rodies,
    I have never seen that show :)
    But I really liked the quote,,

    Anyways cheers. :))

  4. Jaydeep, Best wishes and God bless you for all your wishes come true.

  5. @Shunty:
    Thanks buddy.

    About Piano,
    Umm .. yes you are right .. I can teach her .. thought to put 'some' realistic wish .. so ...

    About Google,
    Thanks for your well wishes. Hoping to get Google coming out with an idea to have have a hardware which can Google and return whatever you want !!

    About roadies,
    Ya.. Its not that famous show .. But I like their participants and their attitude a lot ..

    Wel come on my blog. And thanks for your wishes, I am definetely going to get it ..


Jaydip Mehta (JD)