Swadesh, Pal pal hai bhari - My piano instrumental


  1. i wud so luv to hear ur musicals.. but unfortunately i work on slow internet connection.. may be some time later .. m sure it wud be good.. :) ATB

  2. @Chinamai:
    Thanks. Ya but do listen whenever you are on broadband and lemme know how did YOU find it :-)

    Hey, dude! First of all thanks visiting my blog. Stay tuned more to be posted ...

  3. Again Low bandwidh issue :(
    Havent listened any of ur tune yet. :(

  4. @Shunty:
    Whose bandwidth? Yours or internets? Just kidding ..
    In office we use this statements like "i do not have bandwidth to finish this work", "i have many things on my plate" etc etc.. so got bit confused ..

    No issue man .. But do keep 'listen to JD's music' as action item for you :-), when you have bandwidth .. and do let me know how you find it .. because everyone has their unique opinioin ..


Jaydip Mehta (JD)