Its not a bug, its featue

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Want that Larry Page gets an email whenever you updated your blog !!! ???
No? Ok, not larry page? Fine. Obama?? No? How about Manmohan singh? Still no??? Ok no problem. I let you decide 'whom' to send an email. What can I do is, show you 'how' to do that.

Here we go:
1) Login to blogger.
2) Goto settings->email.
3) In blogsend address (first option itself) field write down mail ID of whosoever you want !!
4) Done.

What? You are doubting weather blogger will ask to approve this ?? Nope. Its a bug (if I am not wrong). Blogger will not ask for approval of receiving party !! Me too was not believing this untill I tried myself putting my other personnel mail ID there and I started receiving an email whenever I update my blog !! Strange, isn't it?

Have fun.. But wait wait wait .. Before going tell me whose mail ID you would like to put?


  1. It depends upon which kind of post it is... need to change IDs as per the post !!!

    Let's wait for reply on

    Good Observation !!

  2. @Kinjal:
    Hmm .. quite diplomatic answer :-) ..

    Hey I has already asked about this to them over
    here ... No probs, lemme add comment on your created thread as well ....

    Well, being a verification enginner I have got used to finding BUGs everywhere ... almost everywhere :-) ...

    Thnks for dropping by ..

  3. @JD:

    Hey that's great,
    So u found a bug here too!!!

  4. @Shunty:

    :-) .. Aadat se majbur ... Kyaa kare ..


Jaydip Mehta (JD)