sinØ, cosØ is useless

After 10th standard all of the time I have break my head playing with sinØ cosØ. I am not ashamed of calling them as a useless junks today. It started looking useless to me after this so called recession time has started. After recession time, I am coming across so many economics related terms which are undoubtedly over-height bouncers for me. I don't know where this sinØ, cosØ helps. Who the hell cares weather you are knowing integration or differentiation of sinØ, cosØ?
What looks important to me is,
- weather you are able to calculate your tax deductions at the end of financical year,
- weather you are able to calculate maturity amount of X rupees at compounded interest rate of Y%,
- weather you are knowing for what and all banks are debiting your account,
- weather you are able to calculate 8368 - 7219 is how much instantly.

During collage time itself I am used to use calculator for even smallest of calculation. Calculators were allowed during exams because of very very complex calculations involved. Being specific, it was scientific calculators. Because it includes all those binary, hex, sin, cos , etc etc junks. Now-a-days it really takes conscious efforts when my roommate comes to me and asks "Hey, 4567 is expense for X item. So how much will be per head expense?". Sometimes even I feel that sabjiwalas are doing better calculation than me.

I was used to fight with my brother when we both were studying together our respective subjects and he was reciting his economics or statistics equations loudly. To fight back, I was also used to recite those mugged-up euations of integration and differentiation. Silly I was. If I had listned to those euations and calculations of statistics, things could have been different. He was used to tell me, "when you goto bank for depositing money with cheque, you can not write 'Amount: cosine 0 thousans rupees only'. You have to write 'Amount: one thousand rupees only'. Commercians drives the world.". Today I am convinced, "Money drives the world".

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