Pay hike

I know, you are surprised even reading this words "pay hike". Now-a-days pay-cuts and lay-offs are more oftenly used words in a day than verbs 'is', 'are', 'was', 'were'. Its time of great depression, economists are saying. Could be. Being an engineer, I don't quite very well understand these terms (commerce stream are guys are best at it ). So I allow my horses of imagination to run beyond boundries of knowledge and present you easy solution to have boom time faster:

Release all prisoner been caught in a case of printing fake money. Overload them. Let them burn the mid-night oils. Generate lots of money. And circulate it in market :-).

How does this solve the problem? Ok, here is an explanation. Problem right now is, we are facing credit crunch. Means no money in market. People are spending less. People have started looking for cheaper alternatives. Earlier people were taking auto, now they are using public transport. Nike & reebok users have started looking for Bata prodcts. In summary, people are spending less and so at the end of the day less money getting circulated in market. How to increase this money circulation? He he .. Simple, release those prisoners ... :-) ?!?!

Okay, so till now I did not talk about so called subject of this post. "Pay hike". Lemme do that. Well, subject is not misspelled, I meant pay hike only. And I want to write about pay hike only. Hmm, so do you know any company who is giving pay hike in this situation?? No? ok so, without letting your mind start guessing, let me give you name of it. Its government job !! Heared about sixth pay commision?? As per that, employees salary has been increased !! In this time of great depression !! Private companies need to learn from it :-). Is not it?


  1. haha,
    Yes do this or do whatever they want to do..
    but pleeaassssssssseeee.
    Give us a pay hike :)

  2. I have two points .
    1. My opinion is US govt has put the same plan, printing and Beloit companies... Difference is I don't know whether its Govt or prisoner !

    2 @ Sixth Pay Commission: Indian Govt total Income has increased and it is less affected by this situation.

    Refer this Indian Govt link, there is no reason not to give increment to Govt officials ..

  3. @Shunty:
    Yess .. Me too badly need it :-( ..

    1. He he .. Thats right ..
    2. Oh ! Nice pdf ... Need to circulate this to all private company CFOs :-)


Jaydip Mehta (JD)