Ishq bina - My piano instrumental


  1. hmmmmm..... good one ! i was always a fan of ur music!!!!

  2. hi..did get a chance to hear 2 of ur musicals.. u play really good.. liked the pal song...

  3. @Nilay:
    Welcome to my blog. Thanks buddy. Because of encourgement of you friends only I am improving.

    Thanks. Do listen to all of them under tag
    piano instrumental. And lemme know how is that. Thanks for sparing time.

    staty tuned more to come ...

  4. I know you really played well, but it shows that you are practicing buddy. I like listening your music.
    JD maybe you won't believe it but I still have your instrumental music disc with me. I heard the tracks on it just a few weeks back (some title tracks of tv serials and some real good movie themes.)and memories of our good times together went alive. I cherish those moments man.

  5. Hey Malkesh !!
    Nice to see you yaar .. Very very happy to know that atleast one person has that CD still with him and also listening to it ...

    Truly .. Me also missing those days yaar .. Though short (for number of months) but that time was full of fun & enjoyment ..

    Again, happy to see you here ..

  6. Is bar Ye maine suna.. :)
    of course mast hai yar :)

  7. @Shunty:
    Thanks buddy .. Stay tuned ...


Jaydip Mehta (JD)