Jane kaha gaye wo din - My piano instrumental


  1. Piano music is good. The second 'gaye woh' seemed to be a miss, but rest was good!

    (anyways who am I to point that out? Mujhe toh saregama bajaneko bhi nahin aata :P)

    Besides, thanks for changing the blog title.

    For and above average sorta sucked.

    It sounded as if it is a blog which is above average but which was meant for the average (numbskulls?):P

  2. @Stupidosour:
    Yes, you are right .. had tried to record it many times ... and earlier version of this had many defects .. this one was with least defect so published it .. but ya, you can freely point out these little misses ..

    But some of my friend dont believe that this is played by me .. so this small mistakes make them believe that its not been copied from already available instrumental CD :-) ..

    Yeah, average and above average sucked me too and also I simply can't express a low opinion about stupidosou's intelligence .. thats why a new title ... buy the way, do suggest me a new title, if you feel this one is also sucking ..


Jaydip Mehta (JD)