Product thats hangs the most

Ever faced an issue when you are in hurry-burry but the product you are using stops working exactly at that time ? Well, you can say this happens because of so called murphy's law. But do not forget there are products existing which proves this law wrong. Okay, so talking to the point, I wanted to know which products do you feel hangs the most? Which products betrays your trust the most? Which are those products which just makes you frustrated?

I will start with my list of products:
- Internet explorer (almost once a day).
- Microsoft word.
- Microsoft windows (most irritating thing in this is, you tell some hanging window to end NOW using task manager. But that "now" never comes and application hangs forever untill you kill corrresponding "process").
- Adobe acrobat reader.
- Yahoo mail.
- Google docs.

Products which never betrays my trust are:
- Google chorome (never ever seen it hanging, no matter how many tabs you open with it or what you are opening in those tabs).
- Google mail (if it hangs while opening because of slower net connection, i simply switches back to HTML version).

So, whats in your list?

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  1. hmmm sahi hai,
    mere list me aata hai,
    -> fireFox (Especially when I am filing a major bug)
    -> Thunderbird.
    -> scripts made by me in office. :P


Jaydip Mehta (JD)