Twitter and a productivity at work

Don't judge about this post content from its title. Because in this post I am not going to show you some never-understood statistics and references to standard literature concluding about productivity of twitter users or some thing similar. But on the other hand it is assured that content of this post do talk about a title of this post. Like me, you may also be wondering about why the hell I am making so much of fuss about a little 'title' of the post, right? Actually, I am also not sure why am I stretching so much on the 'title' of this post. Only reason I have for strething is, that is what had come first into my mind while writing this post.

Okay, first thing first. So I am sure you all know about twitter. Since last few months twitter is in news (if at all you are following) because of many reasons. I had not used twitter until I read in a news that Google is planning to aquire Twitter. After reading the news, I thought, let me check what this buzz is all about. I simply logged-on to twitter and tried using it. Now instead expecting me to explain, what is this twitter all about, I request you to log onto twitter and explore it.

After twittering for few days and following few of my omnipresent friends on twitter, I had completely stopped using it. It was time for me to concentrate on my ever burning and live deadline driven project. Work was very simple but I was stuck in some trivial issue since last few days. So one fine day, I decided to put all of my trials on a paper with a time stamp attached to that trial. I opened a text file. Type command 'date' on Unix terminal. Copied result of it (date command) onto text file and describe about what I have done. I followed this for half of the day. Each 10-15 minutes, I described about what I have tried and what was an expectation and analysis of why it did not happen as per expectation, if at all expectation is not met. And with each description I attached a time stamp. And believe me, because of this tracking, I was able to save my time doing repetative work, which I am habituated to do otherwise. Because I was tracking and aware of what I am trying to do and what is expectation and why is this not working etc. my productivity went up and I was able to resolve that issue in half a day.

Now you may be wondering where the hell twitter comes into picture for productivity. Ok, let me tell you that point as well. If you have already visited twitter, you may be knowing that with each of your twitts a time stamp gets attached automatically showing when you has twittered thhe twit. Only after joining twitter I had noticed this time stamping of a twitts and so I have thought of replicating that using text pad and Unix's date command. If a stand-alone twitter application was available, my work of time stamping could have been reduced. But Murphy is not going let me live happily, looks like. Worry not. Because even if stand-alone twitter application is not available, in currently available twitter web application also you can have your twitts unpublished (private) and achieve same thing :-).

So, next time you are stuck in some trivial problem, log-on to twitter (at your own risk). And yes, don't forget to follow me.


  1. JD, I'll soon send u a script which can do twitter like activity for you and store your messages with a time-stamp on a common file... :-)
    Keep checking ur mailbox !

  2. @Nilay:
    Oh, really you can do that ?? Looks like you have mastered an art of scripting, haan?

    Thanks by the way ..

  3. I sometimes do something very similar. It is better in a number of ways
    1) Does not need internet
    2) Does not need any special script like Nilay.
    3) Does not put you at risk of being fired by the company for comporomising confidentiality (Twitter, whether private or not, goes into the world wide web! At least your company info went to Google/Twitter servers!)

    So what does my 'wonderful' method need?
    A simple windows version that has the simple standard Notepad application.

    How do I do it?

    Just open a notepad. In the first line type '.LOG' (case sensitive. should not even be preceded by spaces). Close and save the .txt file. Every time you open it, opening time stamp will get written. You can write anything after that time stamp (say your activity description).

    This doesn't mean you need to close and open every time you need a timestamp. Just press F5 whenever you need to put new timestamp.

    Only drawback of the method I see here: You seem to be using Unix, not Windows. So will not work. But just in case you have Windows, you are good to go!

  4. Hey !!! Why is your blogging identity STUPIDosour??? Such a nice idea ... In fact, an email was circulated few times back I had received an email regarding the same .. But what new information I got to know is, pressing F5 also gives new time stamp ..

    Yeah, I am working on Unix but I accessing notepad of windows is an easy task for me .. So no drawbacks :-). I got to log this commenting time onto that !!

  5. Wow, what an informative post.
    I never thought to log or track my issues like that, I should!!!


Jaydip Mehta (JD)