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As stated in my previous post, I have started getting suggestions from my friends and colleagues on "what to blog". And obviously I too have list of friends who tell me "what not to blog upon" and who tells me not to blog itself and do some useful things :-). So this post is also an outcome of those kind of suggestions from my friends cum colleagues.

Few days back I simply paused doing all work in whatever status it was and started thinking about some very deep and serious questions. Like, what am I doing, How WAS my life earlier, Where am I right now, Where will I be after some years and how these days will look like at that time, What has made me to be in this situation and place today etc. Well, I know all above things are too heavy to digest for few of you and as per law of nature you might feel sleepy after reading them. But hang-on for some more time. Things of your interest is also going to be there in this post. Okay, so where was I? Ya, I paused my never ending activies, and literaly pushed myself out of it and started thinking about those questions. I did not really got an answer for all of them but it had really made me aware of fact that whatever I was doing is not going take me to place where I want to be. And while continuous stram of thoughts were flowing a thought stuck to me. Why not to re-read my personnel diary and read about what I had written exactly on this same day a year or two before!! I really got excited to read that. Because it would be give me an insight into what I was a year or 2 before and what was my thinking at that point of time and what were my priorites and what things were conceived as a problem at that time and so one. So I opened my diary and here it goes what is been written there :


An excellent day. Feeling very very good. Morning wake-up at regular time and went for Guitar class. Reached a bit late to the class because my suryavanshi friend had no sense about at what time we go for Guitar class regularly. If I had not waked him up, he might have got surprised when he wakesup and sees a calender. Need not to say, he had drunk yesterday night upto his full capacity. So when I wake him up he said I am bunking todays' Guitar class. I said, fine. And before I turn back and close his room's door, he shouted wait, wait, wait. I am geting prepared. You wait. Obviously he had not given me any option. It was not a request. It was an order for me to wait untill he gets prepared. I waited patietly and also cursed him for making me late to the class without realizing that because he has made us to go for class late, I am gonna get an oppurtunity to see my "Guitar girl" in today's Guitar class :-0.

[I think this is right time in story to explain you in a bit detail about what those words "Guitar girl" means. So actually in our Guitar class there was a very cute girl whom I have never missed to observe. Unfortunetely her calss timings were as uncertain as any weather forcast. She was changing her class timing almost evey weekend and so I was never able to follow her continuously for 2-3 weekends. I think this much is enough for you picturize her whenever I use word "Guitar girl" in coming story, right??]

We reached late to the class so the central hall was already full of students. So we went into small room next to the hall. I went inside and before opening my guitar cover my eyes had already started searching for her. Had she came early today? Is she seating in main hall today? Had she came in very previous session than us and thus I missed a glimse of her? Questions popped-up obviously and parally I started unzipping my guitar cover. Still Iwas trying to find the face in faces seating in a main hall. No matching results found. So I made-up my mind. I convinced myslef saying, "JD, no problem. This weekend may go in waste. You may not be able to see her face this weekend. "

[Just to give you more idea about situation, typically even if she does not come during our session time, she would definetely come in session before or after us because we had wisely choose to have our session in middle. So, even if she comes in first or last session I would be able to take her glimse atleast during some overalaopping time between sessions. But this weekend we had to come to last session. Because of my friend.]

I started practising song which tutor had taught me in last class without fully concentrating. And than after 5-10 minutes door opened. Was it she? I raised my eyebrows and tried to figure out. But first came some other girl and but than atlast came she. I was like, "Oh....My.... God...." . I didnt know how to respond. And as there was no space in hall she had to come in the our room. I pretended to be concentrating on playing guitar meanwhile I observed that she had seat next to next to me. Because next to me was my obstructing friend. But he was not indeed onstructing today but infact, I was about to thank my frind rather than cursing him for drinking too much last night, about waking up late and about commanding me to wait til he gets prepared.

Than came that tutor. First thing he did after entering our room is to ask me to play song he had taught last time. And he got very happy with the way I have played. Than came her turn. Unfortunetaly she was been taught some different song. And as tutor had already tested how good a student (like me :->) can play, he did not like her strumming. Tutor expressed his feeling openly. At that time I was like, "No worries, I will teach her. Everybody learns after coming onto earth only sir. Nobody is born with it". But I had maintain my silence as control was in hand of tutor at that time. Tutor played himself that song and asked her to play again. But no improvement. She played it the same bad way. (Well, as such playing any musical instrument is not an easy. Its genius like me only who can play it flawlessly :-) . Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.). So left with no option tutor had asked me to play it. Ye hui na baat. I did not know that song, but do you think I am fool to tell tutor that I don't know? No way. I did not want to miss a single chance to impress her. So I started strumming. Now as tutor had already played the song I had remembered first chord of it. I played it very rhythmic so tutor started singing with it and we completed the song and everyone had a smile on their face except her :-(. Which has made me also a bit sad. Sensing her sadness tutor asked her, can you at least sing? She nodded her head instantly and happily as if she is Lata Mangeshkar. And believe me than after when tutor asked her to sing and me to strum the guitar, I was feeling like there is nobody on earth except me and her. Here I am and she seating there. My goodness. And than I started first chord by strumming the guitar. And than she started singing a song. While playing this song, I was feeling like if there is a heaven on earth, its here its here its here. With these kind of khayali pulaav I completed the song. And now as tutor was also happy about her singing, she also had a smile on her face. She had thanked me with her eyes. And I accepted her gratitude. Somehow her eyes were saying, thanks for saving me.

[Now don't you have curiosity to know what was the song that she sung?? It was a very romantic song, "Kuchchh na kaho. Kuchchh bhi na kaho" from movie 1942 a love story :-)]


Well, now don't ask what has happened than after in that class or what happened in next classes. Because unfortunately that class was last class when I had seen her. She had never appeared in any class than after. She might have left classes thinking that Guitar learning is difficult or she might be coming on weekdays to learn giotar more thoroughly or may be some thing else. I donno. But after that I have also left the classes because I was saturated. I had confidence that from here onwards I can learn the thing by myself. And about that Guitar girl I have also not tried to find out what had happened exactly. Because in life, 3 chijo ke pichchhe kabhi nahi bhagneka. Bus Train aur Ladki. What do you say? And I also have found a video related to this fact. See below:

“All Characters and story in itself in this blog post are fictitious. Resemblance to any living or dead is purely coincidental"


  1. Ekdum correct bat bola tune. Never run after them. No worries.

    Enjoyed reading this :-)
    I am sure there will be so many such romantic pages in your diary. Waiting for more to get published!!! :-P

  2. You are right "Because in life, 3 chijo ke pichchhe kabhi nahi bhagneka. Bus Train aur Ladki."

    Ek jaati hai to dusari aa jati hai...

  3. One can never forget romantic moments like this...The song cant be better than this for tht situation... The last statement u said is partly correct ( i wont comment on why its wrong, bcoz it will need a long explanation)...

    BTW, I will pray GOD to give a gud end to this romantic story. I hope you may meet her accidentally somewhere... World is small... :)


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