I have seen him somewhere

How often this question strikes in a your mind in a day, "I have seen him somewhere"? or "I have seen her somewhere"? Probably an alternative question that may be strking your mind could be, "I am seeing him for the first time, but looks like I have seen him. I have met him. I have talked with him somewhere"??

Since last few days its hapening to me many times a day. Now I had to find reason for that, right? Also I will have to know weather this happens with all of you or not, right? And that is for what this post is.

Okay. So one of the reason I found behind this i-have-seen-him-before syndrome is, information overload. I mean, really. Just observe, in a week how many new faces you are seeing? How many in a months and in years. I am sure you will not remembering all of them. Well, I know there will always be exception to this and one of that exceptional case is my friend. He says me, he never forgets faces of girls. He never gets infected by i-have-seen-her disease, as long as girls are concerned. So they are definetely exception to this.

Okay, so now getting onto the track again, I was explaining that the number of people you meet in a week or month or year are getting increasing ever. Lets talk about old days where people were used to devote their whole professional life serving to single organization and getting born, broght-up & died in same town. And just compare it with current lifestyle. Till this time, just count how many rooms you have changed? How many roommates have been changed even thouigh you have never changed your room? How many towns you have lived? How many schools/colleges/companies you have changed? I am sure its gonna be long, really loooong, list. And so it is quite quite natural to get infected by i-have-seen-him-somewhere disease. Same is the case with me.

Recently I have seen someone in my organization, and than came a flash like thought, "I have seen him somewhere". Also with this thought an instant unconscious answer came, "in a hollywood movie I had seen yesterday" !!! Than my conscious mind woke-up roaring, "what the hell?? This man? And in hollywood movie?? Get lost dude. He is not an actor for sure". This battle continues and gets quietened automatically after somtime. But than again suddenly while talking with a friend or while talking on a phone or while peeing (yes while peeing) an answer strikes, "Aha !!! I had seen him in a train and he was my lone companion during my never ending 36 hours of journey of that train".

So this is what happens to me. How often do you get attacked by this syndrome?? And what do you feel is the reason for that??


  1. Happens once in a while. :D
    But in case of girls i think it never happened.
    this is anyway going to happen always, duniya gol hai bhai!!

  2. Good post JD

    For me, this i-have-met-her-before does not happen much. I guess being absent minded has its own set of benefits! ;-)
    Recently, I met a person at Cadence. She told me she knows me very well, and I had no idea what is she talking about. After being embarrassed by my bad memory, she reminded that we had worked together at Transwitch... and then I recalled her. My bad! :-(


Jaydip Mehta (JD)