Well begun is half done

This is what a great saying tells, "Well begun is half done". Not sure, how true is this saying. But what I can tell is, I have started progressing to achieve my bucket list's first item. Ok ok, I know that not all of you are aware of what this bucket list is all about and what is my first bucket list item, so here is a short description on the same. Basically bucket list is a collection of items which you want to do before-you-die. And my first bucket list item is to, perform in a rock band !!! Fine? Ok, so now let me come to the point. Actually we had our company's annual event on last Saturday. The most important thing for me in that event was my performance :). Obviously. Everyone will have their own performance "the most" important. Is it not? Yes, but for me it was important in different sense. No no no, not because this was my first performance. It was probably my, I donno but probably eighth or ninth or more numbered, performance. But this was different in a sense that it was decided by me solely for the first time that what I (rather WE) would perform and how will I (we) perform it. Till now either my friend or audience or my band-member would be deciding what I would be performing. But this time it was different case. And I see this as a beginning, to achieve my ultimate goal of performing in a rock band. So, it was special in sense that it has put me a bit nearer to achieve my goals. Going by above saying, I have begun and my work is half way through. How about you? Where is your bucket list??

Without loosing this opportunity I would also like to add one more item in my bucket list item and that is a bit on fun part. "Be left handed". Yes, I want to start doing things like left handed people do, including playing of Guitar :-0. I am sure that this would be the first item I will strike-out from my bucket list. One of the reason behind addition of this item is, I feel left handed persons are always near to best or best. What do you say?

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  1. great going :) u are inspiring ppl in a way. saying that life is short and do what ever pleases u before time and life slips from your hand.. well begun is half done indeed..


Jaydip Mehta (JD)