Feeling like listening

Ever felt like listening to others ?? Just to make sure you understood the question correctly, let me re-iterate. Have you ever felt like listening to others, not feeling to be listened by others ??

I am sure this is very rare kind of feeling. Usually I see people having totally opposite kind of feeling. Where-in they want to be listened ! But what I want to talk today about is, feeling of listening to others. Sometimes I just feel that people around me should just talk, talk and talk. I don’t want them to stop. In fact, when they stop speaking I feel uneasy. I want people to talk may be at my room or at office or may be while travelling in bus or at any other place. I just want them to speak. Speak, about anything and everything. And I just want to be passive.

So, do you also feel sometimes to be listened? Or you are on the other side of it ??

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  1. Nice feelings JD, but frankly Speaking JD, I am on the other side :-) Because mostly (almost all the time) I am feeling, I should speak as much as I can to share my feeling, and experience.. As you know I am talkative, I would say I am on the other side :-)

    I would agree in your case too, but that is happening very rarely on myside.



Jaydip Mehta (JD)