Who is more approachable and friendly ??

People with less money are more approachable and friendly.

I know this is quite a bold and generalized statement I am making. But probably that seems that way only because it has been made out of context. So, let me try to put it in context. And may be than I will make that statement again.

Have you ever traveled in normal city bus, or by Volvo city bus ? Or say, by general class of train or by fight ? Did you notice difference in people's behavior in those different way of transportation ? Okay, one obvious difference could be in their look. But lets keep their exterior look keep aside for a time-being. Other than that what difference did you notice ? Well, at least I have noticed this difference in them: as you move from local city bus to flight mode of travel, friendliness and approachability becomes less and less. Have you ever talked with a guy/girl seating next to you in a flight ?? And how many times you have talked with him/her in a train ???

Let me be a bit specific. And give you my example. At least I have never talked with my neighbor in a flight. But for a bus and train mode of travel I have met few very interesting people. Once in a train I had met a guy who was so much talkative and interesting that distance from Ahmedabad to Bangalore had passed as smooth as knife passes through softened butter. That guy talked with me and with other people of my compartment about himself, from childhood till his recent collage time, touching few subjects about vada paav, idly-dosa, mumbai, gujarat, bangalore etc. etc. And as you know I am good listener and I feel like listnening many time, I heard him fully and time passed for me just like that. Not only that, even after our journey had ended he was used to send me an SMS and even he had called me once !! Very nice guy, he was. Only problem was that he was a guy, not a girl :). I wish in my next journey I meet such kind of talkative girl :).

Keeping jokes apart and coming back on the track again. Same is my experience while travelling by bus. Forget about travelling only. Very recently, a UP bhaiya have simply started speaking with me out of nothing. And I really liked it. Because he did not struggle at all to find so called 'topic' to talk about. Usually while talking with few people we need to find third-party-topics to start conversation. What I mean by third-party-topics are topics about indian politics, about Sachin tenduler's century, IPL, rail accident, terrorist, dhirubhai ambani etc etc. Because, few people don't like to talk about themselves or about some thing related to them. Where as that UP bhaiya and my train friend was above that all, they did not need to find topics to keep conversation going. Conversation was simply flowing on its own.

So I say, poor people are more approachable and friendly natured than that of rich people. What do you say? What your experience says ??

*** This post is inspired from my blogging friend Soham's this post.


  1. Good to see u post after a long time. these days, the writer's block seem to affected many people!

    Well, i kinda agree with u that people seem to be a little less extrovert in the 'elite' traveling modes. However, I do see that people in not so elite groups have little things to do and r relatively free. I always notice that people in long distance flights or in 2nd or 1st AC have something to do. They r always busy with a book, magazines, some are working with their files, or working on a laptop, kids playing on PSP, etc.
    Dont you think, that poor people are less involved with themselves and thats the reason why they reach out more to others?

  2. @Nilay,

    I can agree with you only partially. Let me give you an another example.

    Lets say a guest comes to a poor guy's home on the nick of time. On the nick of time means, at a time when his favorite serial is been broadcasted on TV. And that too he does not have cable connection. He just has DoorDarshan TV, so chances of re-broadcasting of those episode can be considered as zero. But after seeing a guest, he would choose to serve a guest in the best way he could, putting his own interest and self-desire of watching TV aside and he may switch off the TV completely and start talking with you. Where-as in other case, you may not be wel-comed at all and you might be required to steal a chance to talk with the host only during short-commercial-break times ...

    There are obviously many exceptions to whatever I have said in my post and in my comment. But considering the majority, whatever I said seems correct. Your opinions and observations are always welcomed.

  3. can be.. but more of people's behaviour depends on their conditioning and their mood to converse at that given point of time..

  4. JD,

    I completly agree with you. Even I was thinking to write a blog on the same topic some days back. I have been feeling the same thing. Even the same incidance happened when I was travelling by flight.

    What I feel is, you wont feel echo problem with poor people and you will find them inocent and frendly all the time. While this is not a case with rich people most of the time. There are exeptional cases. But I would say mostly poor people are more approchable and frendly too :-)


  5. Rightly said, Gops, ego comes in between. Thanks .


Jaydip Mehta (JD)