In Bangalore

I have observed some things in Bangalore which are new for me. Let me list it down.

- Tea is here served in aluminum glass & bowl instead of cup.
- City Bus has half of the seats reserved for womens.
- Names with 'a' added at the end or 'h' added in between. For example, Ashoka, Santhi.
- Auto rickshow drivers always asking for some 20-30 rupees extra than meter rates.
- "Rangoli" outside home every morning.
- Rain in all of the three season.
- People with asian paints black colour.
- Brave initiative by Karnatka State of putting Volvo buses as a city buses !!! I doubt anywhere else in India Volvo can be afforded as a city bus.
- Really cool environment whole year.
- Dhosa, Idli & Vada as a morning breakfast.
- Only south Indian movie posters on walls. Only south indian music in shops.
- Blood-sucking traffic at all the time.
- City Buses in which Driver himself will issue tickets. Hats-off to these drivers who manages to give tickets in while driving in heavy bangalore traffic.


  1. Very well said. May be you would Like to add more to the list as days go by..........

  2. I think this is saturation point..


Jaydip Mehta (JD)